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Hello !

My name is Natalia and I am the founder of the slightly magical project Luna Maison.

Back in 2014, my activity began with the creation of wax candles. Then there were only a few masters in this direction on the market and I was lucky to be among the pioneers.

Further, my knowledge was improved and transformed into a quality product that many buyers fell in love with.

My candles were printed several times on the spreads of magazines, participated in a photo shoot of eminent photographers, and there was a collaboration with the Gus Khrustalny crystal store.

Gently blue Luna maison candles in the photo project

"Hussars" by the incredible Ekaterina Kaplar.

And in 2017 I got to a master class in pottery and ... disappeared ...

Clay took over my head. And my hobby became my favorite profession after 5 years.

Each mug is unique!

Drawing, glazes, details are almost impossible to repeat!

Magic happens inside the furnace every time, no less.

In my work, I love to combine the sometimes incompatible, to go beyond the ordinary. Crystals, clay, herbs, flowers, moss, epoxy resin are my true friends.

Each leaf, cone, moss and flower I collect myself throughout the year, carefully dry, store and then use in my products.

Each product goes a very long way. From a lump of raw clay to a finished product.

In my works, high-temperature firing takes place at 1200 degrees, and in almost every product you can see the use of gold!

Yes Yes! Real gold 12%!

I think we are missing a little bit of magic in our lives.

I think that's why my work resonates with absolutely everyone!

As a result, I want to say that I am extremely glad that you came to my site.

Have a wonderful shopping and emotions from shopping! And… thanks for the support!)

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